4 Summer Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

With the heat and humidity, it can be hard to find the perfect hairstyle for the summer.  Here are some great ideas for your hairstyle this summer no matter what your hair type may be.




1. Curly Hair

 You have great rebellious and edgy hair that some girls would kill for. However, I know your hair can get a little crazy if not held under control.

The ideal cut for you is one that just grazes the shoulders to give your normally wild hair a little more softness to it. Your layers should be long, but try to make them shorter towards your face to frame it. It’s best to have a stylist cut your hair dry to see how each cut affects the overall look. Stay away from short layers – they will spring your curls together and change the shape of your style.

2. Fine and Straight Hair

Frizz is no problem for you, but we know that having your hair stick to your face is.

This summer, you should try a bob that’s slightly shorter in the back than in the front. Deep bangs swept to the side and highlights can also create an illusion of fullness. Stay clear from long hair; once your hair gets past your shoulders, it’s hard for it to hold any style.

3. Wavy hair

You can just wash your hair and go out the door – you barely have to touch it up. With this also comes inconsistency and you never know what your hair is going to look like.

Layers would look great on you! They will make your hair look fuller but not frizzy. In places where your hair is lacking bounce, short layers will give it that added flare. Make sure your stylist doesn’t use razor or serrated cutting; these can leave your ends looking fried.

4. Thick and Straight Hair

You have beautiful, lush hair that can get coarse, and when it gets humid outside, your hair tends to widen.

Length will help your hair from overinflating, but it doesn’t have to be all the way down your back. To give you control, your hair should simply be down to your collarbone. Long layers will also help to keep your hair from rising. Make sure to avoid blunt lines, as these will make your hair look and feel heavier.

Come in and we can talk about what hair style would work best for you in this Fort Lauderdale humidity and heat!