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The 5 Best Flat Irons

Picking out a flat iron can be really troublesome. I’ve created a list of my top 5 favorites for you, I hope this helps you find the perfect match!

1. When you want really straight hair: Croc 2 Infrared Flat Iron (1″)

I recommend the Croc straightener if you want really slick, straight hair. The infrared technology not only straightens your hair but also protects it. Whether you have curly hair or thick hair, this straightener will work for you to create a silky, shiny finish.

2. When you can splurge: CHI Turbo Ceramic Flat Iron, 2”

I know that this flat iron is expensive, but you are sure to get tons of compliments when using it. CHI flat irons are notorious for their great quality and this straightener is no exception. It will leave your hair looking lush and pin-straight. This straightener is so long lasting; it’s a great investment for your hair.

3. When you’re on a budget: Remington Pearl

If you need something less pricey, I recommend the Remington Pearl for someone who can’t afford an expensive straightener but still wants to get the job done. For an inexpensive straightener, it is rare to get such shiny hair. Don’t be fooled by the price, this straightener can definitely compete with some of its more expensive competitors.

4. When you need something on-the-go: Conair Mini

Traveling and don’t have room for a big straightener with all of your shoes and accessories? This straightener is great for the girl-on-the-go. You can even bring this to work for touch-ups or out on a date: it is so tiny it can fit in your purse. Here’s another tip: having trouble straightening those bangs? Big irons can be hard to use on bangs, but this tiny accessory is perfect for them.

5. When you want to help a cause: Conair The Power of Pink Ceramic Straightener

Not only is this straightener inexpensive, but also a portion of the proceeds raised goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Besides raising money for a great cause, this straightener does wonders for hair for being a smaller 1” straightener. It will leave you with great hair and an even better conscience.


Perfect Waves That Look Like You Just Came From the Beach

Hair-Stylist-Ftl-Perfect-Waves-That-Look-Like-You-Just-Came-From-the-BeachIt is summer time and you know what that means: beautiful, beachy waves. Especially living right off the beach in Fort Lauderdale, this look is so in! Beachy waves are really popular right now, as imagining of being on the beach takes hold of us. In this post, I am going to show you how to get the perfect beach waves that will make it appear as if you just took a dip in the ocean.

  1. You can either do this on day-old hair or freshly washed hair. Just make sure your hair is dry and brushed out so that there are no tangles or knots.
  2. Using 1” sections of your hair, take a 1” curling iron and alternate between curling your hair towards and away from your face. Leave about 2” of hair off the curling iron at the bottom to give it that “fresh from the beach” look. Spray each section with hairspray after curling to make sure those curls stay intact!
  3. Once you get towards the top of your head, tease just slightly at the roots for some extra volume.
  4. After you have finished curling, let your hair cool for about 5 minutes. Once it’s finished cooling, go through your hair with your fingers and adjust the volume for whatever you are comfortable with. Brushing with your fingers will give your hair a more natural look, as if you just came from the beach.
  5. Once you are happy, give it a final look over with some hairspray and you are done!

Want an extra tip to get great beach waves? Salt spray! Apply after washing your hair while it’s still damp or after curling your hair. It will not only give your hair great hold and texture, but also a lot of volume.  This is perfect for that boho-beach wave look.

Living Proof Stay in Control Hairspray

Hairspray can sometimes be tricky to work with. It keeps the style locked in place, which I love, but it can also leave hair tough and looking like “helmet hair.” The Control Hairspray from Living Proof is the solution to all of my problems.

What is it?

It does not use resins that typical hairsprays do. Instead, it has utilized Endura-Flex technology that helps ingredients bend instead of break. This way, your style can be touched and moved without falling apart.

Once you have styled your hair to its perfection, you can use Control Hairspray on dry hair to keep your hair locked in place. Another bonus about this hairspray? It provides heat protection for tools that go up to 450 degrees. This hairspray will last all day and prevent hair from feeling stiff.

Don’t Just Take My Word for it

Customers are raving that this hairspray leaves their hair with a gorgeous shine all day even for hair styles in Fort Lauderdale. One with long and thick hair said it even worked on her heavy hair and left it styled all day. There was no residue left in the hair to make it dull. And another customer, whose thin hair usually does not hold curls, used this product and was so happy with it! She said that, at the end of the day, her curls were still intact, which would normally never happen for her.

If you want long-lasting curls, I suggest spraying the Living Proof Control Hairspray before using a curling wand for each 1-2” piece. Once you have curled all your hair, spray the hairspray again one last time to make sure your styling will stay in place. If you want straight hair, simply spray this hairspray once you have straightened those gorgeous locks. The Living Proof Control Hairspray is sure to work with any style you desire!

The New Prime Style Extender Spray from Living Proof

When this new primer came out, many people questioned it. They asked “I know I need primer before I put on foundation, but do I really need it before I style my hair?” The answer is yes!

What is it?

You spend a lot of time and money on your hair for it to look its best and it should stay that way for as long as possible. This is where the Prime Style Extender Spray comes in. It is made to extend styles up to 2x longer than it normally would. How does it do this? When you style your hair, hydrogen bonds are formed to keep it in place. But when moisture vapor enters your hair, these hydrogen bonds become weak. This primer keeps dirt and oil from staying in your hair by protecting the hydrogen bonds to keep them from breaking. This keeps your hair clean and makes the style last longer. It is also a great base for hairstyles. Made for fine hair, it keeps hair smooth all day for the perfect style.

How Should I Use it?

 If you have thin and fine hair, you should definitely start using this product. After you shower, let your hair towel dry. Then spray the Prime Style Extender Spray to your hair from root to tip. Then comb and style!

Jennifer Aniston, Co-owner of Living proof, suggests that, after applying the Prime Style Extender Spray, you should blow dry your hair with your fingers. Then, spray hair by section with hairspray and create loose waves with a 1-2” curling iron. Drag your fingers through your hair. Once you have the perfect curls, spray more hairspray for long-lasting hold.

Customers are raving about this product – they say it lasts long and keeps their hair manageable and styled for the next day!

4 Summer Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

With the heat and humidity, it can be hard to find the perfect hairstyle for the summer.  Here are some great ideas for your hairstyle this summer no matter what your hair type may be.




1. Curly Hair

 You have great rebellious and edgy hair that some girls would kill for. However, I know your hair can get a little crazy if not held under control.

The ideal cut for you is one that just grazes the shoulders to give your normally wild hair a little more softness to it. Your layers should be long, but try to make them shorter towards your face to frame it. It’s best to have a stylist cut your hair dry to see how each cut affects the overall look. Stay away from short layers – they will spring your curls together and change the shape of your style.

2. Fine and Straight Hair

Frizz is no problem for you, but we know that having your hair stick to your face is.

This summer, you should try a bob that’s slightly shorter in the back than in the front. Deep bangs swept to the side and highlights can also create an illusion of fullness. Stay clear from long hair; once your hair gets past your shoulders, it’s hard for it to hold any style.

3. Wavy hair

You can just wash your hair and go out the door – you barely have to touch it up. With this also comes inconsistency and you never know what your hair is going to look like.

Layers would look great on you! They will make your hair look fuller but not frizzy. In places where your hair is lacking bounce, short layers will give it that added flare. Make sure your stylist doesn’t use razor or serrated cutting; these can leave your ends looking fried.

4. Thick and Straight Hair

You have beautiful, lush hair that can get coarse, and when it gets humid outside, your hair tends to widen.

Length will help your hair from overinflating, but it doesn’t have to be all the way down your back. To give you control, your hair should simply be down to your collarbone. Long layers will also help to keep your hair from rising. Make sure to avoid blunt lines, as these will make your hair look and feel heavier.

Come in and we can talk about what hair style would work best for you in this Fort Lauderdale humidity and heat!