How I Became an Expert at Hair Extensions

How I Became an Expert at Hair Extensions

I have a passion for hair extensions that started out with my experience, and subsequent expertise, working with clients with fine and/or thinning hair. Hair is a huge part of a woman’s confidence and style so being able to offer hair extensions as an alternative solution was vital. One of the things I love most about being a hair stylist, is helping all my clients feel confident because they look great. I had learned alot about using professional hair extensions during the many photo shoots where I was the stylist. Typically in those situations, in order to get the right shot, we needed more hair to create “the look”. So all those commercials and ads you see where the woman has thick, bouncy, vibrant hair? It’s created with extensions.

One of the lines we carried at a salon I was working with was Nioxin so I started to work with the product and learn how this line treated fine and thinning hair. I wanted to learn more and was asked to be an educator for the company which gave me the opportunity to go “behind the scenes” and learn the science behind the product line. Great products are vital to the overall health and vitality of hair, with or without extensions. It is so important to use products that are natural and don’t create a buildup. This is especially important with extensions. If you use synthetic store-bought products, you will get a gummy buildup around your extensions which can lead to an odor plus it will weaken the hair the extension are applied to. Products like Nioxin product will not create a buildup and actually strengthen your hair even while you have your extensions.

More often than not you hear people say, “Extensions ruined my hair.” My clients say, “Extensions strengthened and helped my hair!”

Marrying my knowledge of the product line Nioxin for strengthening fine and thinning hair coupled with my expertise in extensions, allows me to create amazing looks to fit anyone’s style.

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