Living Proof Stay in Control Hairspray

Hairspray can sometimes be tricky to work with. It keeps the style locked in place, which I love, but it can also leave hair tough and looking like “helmet hair.” The Control Hairspray from Living Proof is the solution to all of my problems.

What is it?

It does not use resins that typical hairsprays do. Instead, it has utilized Endura-Flex technology that helps ingredients bend instead of break. This way, your style can be touched and moved without falling apart.

Once you have styled your hair to its perfection, you can use Control Hairspray on dry hair to keep your hair locked in place. Another bonus about this hairspray? It provides heat protection for tools that go up to 450 degrees. This hairspray will last all day and prevent hair from feeling stiff.

Don’t Just Take My Word for it

Customers are raving that this hairspray leaves their hair with a gorgeous shine all day even for hair styles in Fort Lauderdale. One with long and thick hair said it even worked on her heavy hair and left it styled all day. There was no residue left in the hair to make it dull. And another customer, whose thin hair usually does not hold curls, used this product and was so happy with it! She said that, at the end of the day, her curls were still intact, which would normally never happen for her.

If you want long-lasting curls, I suggest spraying the Living Proof Control Hairspray before using a curling wand for each 1-2” piece. Once you have curled all your hair, spray the hairspray again one last time to make sure your styling will stay in place. If you want straight hair, simply spray this hairspray once you have straightened those gorgeous locks. The Living Proof Control Hairspray is sure to work with any style you desire!