Not All Hair Extensions Are Created Equal

Not All Hair Extensions Are Created Equal

As a hair extension expert, I am here to tell you that not all hair extensions are equal.

When choosing a hair stylist for your extensions, you should make sure they know how to work with various types of extensions to ensure you are getting the right type based on your hair type, budget, maintenance considerations and the length of time you want to wear the extensions.
Budget will play a bigger role if you want to wear your extensions for an extended period of time.  There are different techniques for specific hair types to consider.  Above all, choose a stylist who is good with both color and cutting.  It’s very important to work with someone who can give you a style and not just add a bunch of hair which can cause all kinds of problems including just looking really fake.
Here is a breakdown of some of the different types of extensions:

  • Quick fix, easy in and out, hair bonding extensions that are applied by sectioning and glueing.  Most Temporary and cost effective.  Purchase of hair can cost anywhere from $100 – $1000 depending on type of hair you buy.  It can last a week and can be reused.  Most popular for at home maintenance for ethnic and course hair.
  • Braid and Stitch also called sew in extensions where corn row application is applied.  Hair that is on a weft is sewn in.  This can also be a cost effective option depending on the quality hair you buy.  This method is most recommended for thick hair.  It can be worn for a week or two so it’s great for that special wedding day and honeymoon or a vacation in Bahamas.  It needs to be properly cared for though as the hair will hold a lot of moisture and start to have an odor if not.
  • Fusion Hair Extensions are one of the most popular types of hair extensions.  These are applied with a poly or keratin bond where the tip is the size of a fingernail applied with heat to hair strands.  These hair extensions look the most natural and will last the longest.  These extensions are more costly, especially with brands such as Great Lengths 100% Natural Human Hair Extensions,  making them  a high end popular trend.
  • Micro Length Technology Extensions are a very current and popular method.  Unlike poly tip applied with heat, this technique, called itip, is stranded with your hair and put through a tiny bead or copper bead than pressed to fuse with your hair.  Some prefer this because of it’s heat resistance.  This method, as with all extensions, can be a disaster if not taken care of properly.  One of the drawbacks is those with oily hair or scalp or the use of too much conditioner or believe it or not taking too much fish oil can cause the hair to slip out of the bead.  It’s good for course or dry hair.  It’s not good for someone who works out all the time and is sweating, not good for an oily scalp and not good for someone who needs a lot of conditioner.
  • One of my personal favorites from working in Hollywood with a lot of celebrities are Tape In Extensions.  Again, not all brands are created equal.  I use a brand called HotHeads which you need to be certified in order to buy.  Only licensed professionals are able to get this hair.  Best hair quality at most reasonable price and very easy to apply.  Low maintenance, hardly ever any hair loss, reusable.  Need I go on?

Keep in mind, regardless whatever hair extensions you choose,  seek a professional to guide you and recommend the proper products to strengthen your hair while you are wearing the extensions .  It is important to use the right products on your hair and extensions so you don’t get buildup which can lead to damage.  This is vital to a  good extension experience.  Make sure you also use proper removal for your extensions.  This is super important to avoid any hair loss.  Don’t wait too long and then take them out yourself.  I promise you won’t be happy with what is left behind.
The  average client spends between $300 – $600 on hair for the extensions and $125 –  $200 per hour for an expert hair extension specialist.
You can always find a deal with unlicensed professionals if that’s the way you want to go just be aware of the drawbacks.

If you are interested in a consultation to determine what is best for your hair type and goals, contact me via phone or text at 954.565.4141 or Email

I hope you found this helpful.

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