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Which Bang is Best For You?

When you go to the hair salon and ask them to trim your bangs, there are a million different styles they could cut. What most people don’t know is that there are several types of bangs and face-framing cuts. It’s important to be specific when communicating to your hairdresser what it is you want; otherwise, you could end up with a completely different cut than what you expected.

So here I’ve outlined a few of the essential bang cuts:

1. Straight Bangs

These are the typical straight-across bangs that most hairstylists will think of when you ask for bangs. You can ask for them to be a little longer, just brimming your eyes, or shorter so your bangs don’t touch your eyes. These types of bangs typically look well on someone who has a long face shape with thick hair to really give it some volume. To style these bangs, I recommend using a round brush when blow-drying them. It will give them some extra volume that will leave these bangs looking bouncy and fun!

2. Fringe Bangs

These bangs are a little more versatile than straight bangs. They typically have more pieces to them and should be trimmed when your hair is dry. These types of bangs work well on someone who has a heart shaped face. These bangs will bring all of the attention to those beautiful eyes on this face shape. You can use a flat iron to straighten these out and a blow dryer as well to give a little more bounce if you want.

Which Bang is Best for You HairStylist FtLauderdale3. Side-Swept Bangs

These bangs don’t go straight down your face, but instead sweep over to one side of your face. These side-swept bangs will add some softness to your strong jawlines and give your hair some great movement. When styling these bangs, give them some volume by blow-drying them as if you had blunt bangs. This will give them some layering and blend right into the rest of your hair.

I hope this helped solve any confusion you may have about which bangs you should try out. Bangs are fun and a great way to change up your normal style. If you’re still not sure which style would look best for you, schedule an appointment in my Fort Lauderdale office and we can talk about it!