The New Prime Style Extender Spray from Living Proof

When this new primer came out, many people questioned it. They asked “I know I need primer before I put on foundation, but do I really need it before I style my hair?” The answer is yes!

What is it?

You spend a lot of time and money on your hair for it to look its best and it should stay that way for as long as possible. This is where the Prime Style Extender Spray comes in. It is made to extend styles up to 2x longer than it normally would. How does it do this? When you style your hair, hydrogen bonds are formed to keep it in place. But when moisture vapor enters your hair, these hydrogen bonds become weak. This primer keeps dirt and oil from staying in your hair by protecting the hydrogen bonds to keep them from breaking. This keeps your hair clean and makes the style last longer. It is also a great base for hairstyles. Made for fine hair, it keeps hair smooth all day for the perfect style.

How Should I Use it?

 If you have thin and fine hair, you should definitely start using this product. After you shower, let your hair towel dry. Then spray the Prime Style Extender Spray to your hair from root to tip. Then comb and style!

Jennifer Aniston, Co-owner of Living proof, suggests that, after applying the Prime Style Extender Spray, you should blow dry your hair with your fingers. Then, spray hair by section with hairspray and create loose waves with a 1-2” curling iron. Drag your fingers through your hair. Once you have the perfect curls, spray more hairspray for long-lasting hold.

Customers are raving about this product – they say it lasts long and keeps their hair manageable and styled for the next day!